Minions Without Number

Chapter I

Escape from Mos Shutta

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

As the crawl ends the camera scrolls onto a near by asteroid belt. The sound of cantina music can be heard in the background. As the camera pulls away we see that the asteroid belt is actually ice in a drink. We pan from the drink at the bar counter over the rest of the smokey cantina, an empty stage and a few patrons are in the bar. The shot settles on a trio of individuals at a round corner booth: a dug, a falleen and a human. They are having an animated discussion about business at Teemo the Hutt’s palace. The human, named Hawke, is a blond haired male in is mid twenties to early 30’s. He wears a pocket festooned thick leather vest, black sunglasses, red long sleeve shirt, pants with a yellow racing strip and heavy black boots. He is a shuttle and speeder pilot in Teemo’s employee running cargo and people on and off planet. The falleen goes by the name of Q’rok. His long braid and distinctive falleen features and skin tone are the only identifiers of his race. He wears a combination of Kaleesh and Tusken Raider attire along with trophies of the hunt; ranging from skin to bone. On his back is a blaster lance and a ornate gaffi stick. He work’s as a hunter for Teemo, looking for exotic animals: namely krayt Dragons. The dug is the only one not sitting in the booth, but rather a bar stool he has pulled to the other end of the table so he can look the other two in the eye. The dug’s name is Vosh, a mammal like alien roughly half the size of this two co-workers. Tattoos cover his neck, upper body and a quarter of his face, while large scares dot the rest of his body. He works for a mechanic at Teemo’s garage fixing speeders, shuttles and blasters.
The threes’ conversation grows heated, resulting in thrown drinks and pounding fists. Even tho their conversation is at times loud, aggressive and incredibly disrespectful towards each other, it ebbs and flows reveling a communal sense of desperation and longing for a better life. At this time a young man in worn laminate battle armor pulls up a chair and asks to join. The man is Pat, and the oldest he could possibly be is 20. He is a bounty hunter for Teemo and has a history of shooting his mouth off. The conversation quickly turns into complaining about their boss, each of them have a little bit of information regarding the financial situation that Teemo is in. While Pat, Q’rok and Hawke discuss their financial future as employees of a failing crime lord, Vosh becomes distracted by a pair of blue lekku dancing on stage. Q’rok hears a communicator and looks up to see three aqualish talking and looking at them unnervingly. He slowly readies his blaster. As the doors of the cantina open, letting in a burst of sunlight and stand the aqualish turn and pepper the booth with blaster fire. Pat takes several hits and falls on the table. Q’rok already expecting a fight dives under the table and opens fire. Hawke fires at the thugs as he dives for cover while Vosh pulls a pair of blasters. Vosh jumps on a table and fires. The three of them are able to drop the thugs before they can respond. The one who opened the door was a Trandosian named Hoss, another one of Teemo’s bounty hunters. He opens fire on our trio and is engaged in Melee by Q’rok, who is able to knock him out. Pat gets up and injects himself with a stim and joins Vosh and Hawke over the bodies, while Q’rok lines up a shot to cover the door. The three argue about what happened and what they should do. They deduce that Teemo has betrayed them and look to settle the score before leaving town. While the argue about what to do, three gamorians enter the cantina. They only have time to brandish their axes before being gunned down by Q’rok. The group decides the liberate a lucrative shipment from Teemo and skip town on some of his speeders. At this time, Hoss is coming around, he quickly turns and tells the group were an expensive part that Teemo needs is being kept. In exchange for this info, he wants to leave town with the group, they agree.

The group steps out onto the dusty street, wipes the blood off them selves and head towards Teemo’s favorite junk dealer. Their plan of “liberating” the loot quickly falls apart as the toydarian sees right threw the groups lies. The group calls the toydarian’s bluff on unleashing some battle droids and they find themselves at an impasse. The group is able to negotiate a deal, better in their hands than Teemo’s grubby slug mitts, a?

Finally they head to the hanged. The group tries to talk their way past the droids standing guard, but the droids had already been alerted and began to open fire! A chaotic fight ensues as the battle worn party taps every resource they have to stay fighting and stay alive. They make it to the hanger and attempt to disable all but two of the speeders before making a quick getaway. They head east across the dune sea….

End of episode


Superb attention to detail!

Chapter I

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