Minions Without Number

Chapter IV

Mystery at Greentop Tower

Pilot’s Log: Lieutenant Jensen, H.

Entry Log: Day 463 ABY

I don’t know how we continue to attract the scum of the galaxy, but they seem to make themselves useful. After securing a contract with a local freighter, we finally made it off that dustball planet Tatooine.

It wasn’t without even more trouble. What started as a simple job of loading some crates into a ship turned into a firefight. Tusken Raiders showed up at the last moment in an effort to stop us from leaving with a Krayt. We were caught off-guard, it was an ambush. If we find ourselves in more situations like this, we need bigger guns. We sustained damage, but got away with our lives. Thank the Force. We are now en route to Nar Shadaa to deliver our first order.

Entry Log: Day 464 ABY

It feels good to be back on a ship. It feels even better to watch the rest of the crew bounce around the cabin like rezcats trying to swim. They made fun of me back on Tatooine for being out of my element, now the tables have turned. They’ll learn soon enough. Of course, Zeb and the doctor are familiar already zero-g. The Dug hates it, so we keep the gravity on while he’s working.

Entry Log: Day 465 ABY

I can’t complain too much about the condition of the ship, but it really needs work. I suppose it’s better than no ship at all. Q’urok ponied up the cash to get the spare parts, and the Dug has been working on the engines – for a native of a backwater world, he sure knows his stuff. I’ve put Pat to work cleaning the decks and general custodial. This kid needs some damn discipline. For a simple order to clean the mid-deck, he put up a real argument. I wonder if the rest of the crew heard the argument; I’ll need to step it up in the future.

Entry 2:
KRIFF! SOMEHOW one of the Krayt got out. Whose job was it to keep them sedated? We had to pursue it throughout the ship. I have no doubt that it was disoriented, but it still managed to smash it’s way through many of the holds. It was terrifying. This is the last time I want to transport dangerous, live, animals. Or at least leave some twitchpig in charge of keeping them asleep.

Entry Log: Day 467 ABY

We’ve made it to the Nar Shadaa system. The codes Zeb has seem to check out with the astro checkpoints, and they allowed us to go planetary. I’ve heard of Nar Shadaa before, but the Empire never sent ordinary personnel here. It seems pretty seedy.

Entry 2:
Based on the coordinates we were given, we arrived at our drop point only to find it in flames. I guess we got here too late. Or better yet, we got here just in time…



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