It is a period of civil war in the galaxy.

The Republic which stood for eons has won the Clone Wars at the cost of it’s very soul. Now, the Galactic Empire reaches it’s hand out among the stars, the cries of it’s victims fall silent in the vacuum of space.

However, as the Empire’s grip tightens some folks simply try and carve out a living on the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE (roll credits).

Hawk(e), Vosh, and Q’rok, have escaped their pitiful lives in service to Teemo the Hutt. Only now they find themselves working for his cousin! Along the way they’ve picked up a dick, a doctor, a bodyguard, and a captain. What other wretched lifeforms will they collect next?

Currently, the group has just managed to rescue Sinasu the Hutt from his rival, Borgo. They then managed to uncover a plot that links Borgo with the infamous criminal organization Black Sun. Having secured evidence of Borgo’s Black Sun ties, the group now needs to escort Sinasu to Nar Shadaa where he can personally display his uncovering of Borgo’s treachery in front of some of the most powerful Hutt Lords.

Minions Without Number

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