Uzobu Q'rok "Long Shadow"

ExPat Falleen Field Guide and Gourmet Chef


Height: 2.4 meters
Status: Chef/Outdoorsman for the Venture
Classification: Falleen
Affiliation: Freelance
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle and Kaleesh War Sword
Current Weapons: Weequay Blaster Lance and Custom Gaffi Stick
Gear: Tusken Desert Garb, Kaleesh Mantle, Mask and pack
Appearance: Scarred, burnt and ornamented with various trophies and mementos

Finding a Falleen in the outer rim is rare, finding one living this lifestyle is unheard of. He makes a peculiar and intimidating silhouette, wrapped in tribal garb, scarred from war and armed to hunt the most dangerous game. Somber and aloof, he is a man of few words and a mysteriously rich untold history. While never completely shed of his native dynastic snobbery, his disenchantment with the Galactic Empire has lead him down strange roads to a more primal and instinctual existence in the galaxy. The monsters he hunts now are mere footnotes next to the demons of his past. Deliberate like a noble, proud like a warrior, vexed by war and detached like a monk. He is a man surrendered to fate and determined to earn a glorious death.


Raised in fortune and content on Falleen, he toured the galaxy for his education, like all Falleen do, and returned to begin a career. As an adult he found himself in too deep with the wrong people and was forced into exile to hide from the most dangerous and widespread criminal organization in the galaxy, Black Sun.

With a bounty on his head, the Falleen exile sought shelter amongst the warlord tribes of Kalee. Uzobu was rechristened Q’rok the “Long Shadow” and rose to the rank of elite bodyguard during the Huk War. Kalee would never be the same in the aftermath and soon Black Sun found it where there from within the Banking Clan and Q’rok once again found himself on the run.

The more he got out of hiding, the more he began entangled in the political tensions of the galaxy. Evermore did he inch closer to finding a way to return to homeworld and restore his name. But with the outbreak of the Clone War every turn was fraught with danger. It was not long before the war came to Falleen in an invasion lead by none other than the Kaleesh warlord he served in the Huk war. Answering the distress beacon, Q’rok returned home to find it waylaid and occupied by the Confederacy of Intergalactic Systems.

The next two years were the dark times as Q’rok joined forces with his enemy as Agent Long Shadow. Driven by his vendetta for his former master, he rose through the ranks until he gained the intel, resources and opportunity to execute his own mission on the life of General Grievous. The attempt failed, however, and Q’rok found himself with even bigger enemies on all sides and fled into Hutt space.

Under the protection of the Hutts, the Ex-Patriot Falleen became a respected bodyguard and a renowned hunter. In time this lead to a term with Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, where he found new meaning in B’Omarr. Through the monk’s contact with the Sand People, Q’rok arranged to accompany them on a ritualistic hunt of a Krayt Dragon. The encounter lead to an obsession with hunting one of his own, regardless of what enemies it would make. In pursuit of this prize he took up with a smaller profile gangster, Teemo the Hutt, where he’s found little luck since…

Uzobu Q'rok "Long Shadow"

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