Halian Lorect

"I wonder if I can get away with tasting this..."


Companion: Bendak the Quamin


An intelligent negotiator and tactician, Halian loves to discover and experience… even if it pushes normal cultural expectations. A previous member of D’lavna’s space pirates (now under the control of her general, L’mas), Halian made one wrong move and instigated the wrath of L’mas, barely escaping with his life. For a time, he had found new companions aboard the Storm’s End, but after a harsh and dangerous betrayal, he is unsure if he is the only survivor… besides his Quamin companion, Bendak. Discovered by a hunter under the employment of Sinasu, he hopes to be able to put his skills to use, and continue learning the extent of his mental abilities and the curiosities of the universe…

Halian Lorect

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